CHEM2101 (C 21J) Inorganic Chemistry - Chemistry of Transition Metal Complexes.
24 Lectures 2010/2011


Course information is available through OurVLE and These provide the objectives and further details on the lectures, tutorials and laboratory sessions as well as examples of past examination papers.

1. Review of Crystal Field Theory.
2. Spectroscopic properties of first row transition metal complexes.
3. Magnetic Susceptibilities of first row transition metal complexes.

4. General properties (physical and chemical) of the 3d transition metals.

5. A survey of the chemistry of some of the elements Ti....Cu,
which will include the following topics:

An earlier collection of these notes in one PDF file

6. Reaction Mechanisms.

7. Transition metal organometallics.

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"Complexes and First-Row Transition Elements", D. Nicholls
"Basic Inorganic Chemistry", F.A. Cotton, G. Wilkinson and P.L. Gaus
"Advanced Inorganic Chemistry", F.A. Cotton, G. Wilkinson, C. A. Murillo, and M. Bochmann
"Physical Inorganic Chemistry, A Coordination Chemistry Approach", S.F.A. Kettle
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Review the CHEM2101 (C21J) course objectives

Tutorial questions and some answers as well as some past exam papers are available.

A 36 hour laboratory program has been developed for this course that involves preparation of some simple complexes, determination of a magnetic moment, collection of IR and Visible spectra and treatment of Visible spectra using Tanabe-Sugano diagrams.

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