Display of spectra of Transition Metal Aquo ions and simple salts

Aquo Ions.

Ti(III) ~0.02M
Cr(III) ~0.02M
Mn(II) ~1M
Fe(II) ~0.1M
Co(II) ~0.02M
Ni(II) ~0.02M
Cu(II) ~0.02M

This list will be extended as time allows....

Expected Values

The expected values should be compared to the following rough guide.
For M2+ complexes, expect Δoct = 7500 - 12500 cm-1 or ν = 800 - 1350 nm.
For M3+ complexes, expect Δoct = 14000 - 25000 cm-1 or ν = 400 - 720 nm.

Δtet ~ 4/9 Δoct.

B for first-row transition metal free ions is around 1000 cm-1. Depending on the position of the ligand in the nephelauxetic series, this can be reduced to as low as 60% in the complex.
Extinction coefficients for octahedral complexes are expected to be around 50-100 times smaller than for tetrahedral complexes. For a typical spin-allowed but Laporte (orbitally) forbidden transition in an octahedral complex, expect ε < 10 m2mol-1.

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