The Department of Chemistry, UWI Mona, Academic Staff

General Staff Interests
Head of Department - Dr Roy Porter
A list of members of the academic staff from the inception of the Department in 1948 is available.

Some early photos of the first graduating class and pictures of staff and postgrads from 1953-1957 have recently come to hand. If you can help identify some of these people, that would be appreciated!

Email addresses for staff and links to their home pages.

Professor M Bakir
Dr C Bowen-Forbes
Dr M Coley
Professor T Dasgupta Professor Emeritus
Dr W Gallimore
Prof. Y Jackson PVC Graduate Studies
Professor H Jacobs
Professor I Kahwa Deputy Principal
Professor R Lancashire
Professor K Magnus Professor Emeritus  
Dr P Maragh
Dr N Sadler-McKnight
Dr D Minott-Kates
Prof. W Mulder
Dr W Pinnock retired
Dr R Porter
Dr V R Rattray
Professor P Reese Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology
Dr. M. Singh-Wilmot *
Dr. I. Thompson

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Applied and Food Chemistry



* On Sabbatical for 2014-2015

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