Chemistry of "Things Jamaican"

The fascination with "Things Jamaican" appears worldwide and so included below are a selection of chemical themes with a real Jamaican flavour.
Take a look at the first interactive GC/Mass Spectra on the internet. There are examples under; coffee, pimento and nutmeg below.
The following pages make use of chemical MIME types such as chemical/x-pdb and chemical/x-jcamp-dx. Other examples can be found in the spectroscopy section. More traditional lecture topics are covered here.

This work was inspired by:
"Hyperactive Molecules", by Henry Rzepa and Ben Whitaker.
"Chemistry in the Market Place", by Ben Selinger, so good my first three copies were 'borrowed',
5th edition Harcourt Brace & Co, Australia, 1998.
"Molecules", by Peter Atkins, Scientific American Library, NY, 1987. Unfortunately, now 'borrowed' as well.

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