M. Coley

Lecturer (Applied)
Undergraduate Course Coordinator

M. Coley

Research Interests

Mineralogy of selected bauxite impurities, their solubilities and impacts on Bayer process efficiency.

Processing strategies for marginal bauxites

Optimized production of biodiesel from selected waste materials

Selected Publications

Bakir, M., Hassan, I., Johnson, T., Gyles. C., Coley, M. et al , "X-ray crystallographic, electrochemical and spectroscopic properties of 2-pyridinio 2-pyridyl ketone phenyl hydrazone chloride hydrate", Journal of Molecular Structure, 688 (2004) 213.

Sewell, S.T., Coley, M.D., Greenaway, A. M.; "Impact of goethite content and crystal morphology in bauxites on red mud settling in the low temperature Bayer process"; Jamaica Geological Society Conference, Dec., 2005

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