P.B. Reese

Head of Department

B.Sc.(General), U.W.I., D.Phil., Sussex.
Professor (Organic)

P.B. Reese

Research Interests
1. Medicinal Plants. Plants, mainly from the family Labiatae, Scrophulariaceae and Capparaceae families, are being examined to isolate and characterise the major natural products. Identification of metabolites with biological activity is an integral part of this project.

2. Microbial transformations. Natural products of agricultural and pharmaceutical interest are structurally modified by selected strains of fungi in an effort to produce a range of new analogues with enhanced bioactivity.

3. Steroids. Partial synthesis of steroid hormones is studied with the aim of identifying cheaper routes to the production of these costly biochemicals.

picture of Capraria_biflora picture of Russelia_equisetiformis
Selected publications

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