R.J. Lancashire

B.Sc.(Hons.), Ph.D. Monash
Professor Emeritus of Computational Chemistry

ORCID: 0000 0002 6780 3903

Tel: (876) 9706026


Teaching and Research Interests:
1. Developer of the Open Source project JSpecView for the display of spectroscopic data.
2. Webmaster of the Department of Chemistry website where I make extensive use of JSmol and JSpecView to highlight areas of general interest such as: the development of informative web articles on the chemistry of Jamaican fruits, vegetables and spices, the prospects of teaching chemistry via the World Wide Web, multimedia computer applications in chemistry, use of JCAMP-DX file formats on the Web.
3. Microwave Oven Reaction Enhanced (MORE) Chemistry.
4. Development of the Jamaican Research and Education Network (JREN) and its use for creating sensor networks.
5. The History of the Chemistry Department at UWI, Mona, Jamaica. Published in 2010 with Professor Emeritus Kenneth E Magnus and available from Amazon.
6. The History of the Turner Family of Clarendon. Edward Turner was the first Prof of Chemistry at the University of London (1827-1837) and Wilton George Turner obtained a PhD in chemistry from Justus von Liebig at Geissen in 1838.
7. The History of the Blyth Family of Westmoreland. John Buddle Blyth was the first Prof of Chemistry at Queen's College, Cork, Ireland. Blyth translated many of von Liebig's notes on Agriculture.
Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, since 1977
Member of the American Chemical Society, since 1979
Member of IUPAC, since 1989
Past Member of the IUPAC Committee on Publications and Cheminformatics Data Standards and the Subcommittee on Cheminformatics Data Standards (SCDS) (formerly SEDS and JCAMP-DX), since 1995.
Fellow of the Caribbean Academy of Sciences (CAS). Web maintainer and designer for the www.caswi.org and www.caswi.org.jm web sites.
Past IUPAC representative to the ICSU Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA)
Past Member of the CODATA task group on "Preservation of and Access to Scientific and Technical Data in Developing Countries"

Editor of the CAS e-journal

Some Selected Publications:
-R.J. Lancashire and C.W. Ingram, "On the formation of C3 hydrocarbons during the conversion of ethanol using HZSM-5 catalyst." Catalysis Letters, 31(4), 395-403, 1995.
-R.J. Lancashire and P.B.Reese. "Microwave Oven Reaction Enhanced (MORE) preparation of stilbenediamines". Electronic Conference on Trends in Organic Chemistry (ECTOC-1), Eds. H.S. Rzepa and J. G. Goodman (CD-ROM), Royal Society of Chemistry publications, 1995. See a copy here or the other ECTOC papers held at Imperial College, London.
-A.N. Davies and R.J. Lancashire. "Setting up a chemically active Internet/Intranet web server". Spectroscopy Europe, 9(1), 30-32, 1997.
-R.J. Lancashire. "An introduction to data formats". Spectroscopy Europe, 9(2), 22-23, 1997.
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-A.N. Davies and R.J. Lancashire. "Using Chemistry properly on the Internet/Intranet" Internet J. Vib. Spect., 1(4), 57, 1997.
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- P.M. Lahti, E.J. Motyka and R.J. Lancashire, "Interactive Visualization of Infrared Spectral Data: Synergy of Computation, Visualization, and Experiment for Learning Spectroscopy" J. Chem. Educ., 77, 649, 2000. [ ABSTRACT]
- R.J. Lancashire, "The use of the Internet for teaching chemistry" Anal. Chim. Acta, 420/2, 241-246, 2000.
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-M. Bakir, S. A. Clarke, I. Hassan, R. J. Lancashire and M. Singh-Wilmot, "trans-Bis(glycinato-κ2 N,O)copper(II) 4-bromophenol solvate" Acta Cryst. E60, m868-m870, 2004
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-R.J. Lancashire and A.N. Davies. "Spectroscopic Data: The Quest for a Universal Format", Chemistry International 28(1), 10-12, January-February 2006
-R. Cammack, Y. Fann, R.J. Lancashire, J.P. Maher, P.S. McIntyre and R. Morse. "JCAMP-DX for Electron Magnetic Resonance (EMR), (IUPAC Recommendations 2006)" Pure and Applied Chemistry,78(03), 613-631, 2006
-S. Kuhn, T. Helmus, R.J. Lancashire, P. Murray-Rust, H.S. Rzepa, C. Steinbeck, and E.L. Willighagen "Chemical Markup, XML, and the World Wide Web. 7. CMLSpect, an XML Vocabulary for Spectral Data" Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, 47 (6), 2015 -2034, 2007. 10.1021/ci600531a S1549-9596(60)00531-7
-R.J. Lancashire. "The JSpecView Project: an Open Source Java viewer and converter for JCAMP-DX, and XML spectral data files", Chemistry Central Journal 2007, 1:31 (07Dec2007)
-R.J. Lancashire and C.A.D. Walters, "Colour prediction with JSpecView" The ChemSpider Journal of Chemistry, 2009
-J-C. Bradley, R.J. Lancashire, A.S.I.D. Lang and A.J. Williams, "The Spectral Game: leveraging Open Data and crowdsourcing for education" Journal of Cheminformatics 2009, 1:9 doi:10.1186/1758-2946-1-9
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