K.E. Magnus

B.Sc., Lond-U.C.W.I., Ph.D. Lond.,

Professor Emeritus of Applied Chemistry,

Research Interests:
1. Fermentation.
2. Biomass Conversion.
3. Food (Spice) / Medicinal Plants.
Selected Publications:
-K.E. Magnus, W.R. Chan and H. Watson, Experientia, 32, 283, 1976.
-K.E. Magnus, A.M. Greenaway, A. Blackwood, C.G. Douglas, R.J. Lancashire and L.C. Nugent, J. Geol. Soc. Jamaica, Proced. of the Bauxite Symp. V, 1982, 77.
-I. Duphorn, J. Gayle, K.E. Magnus and S.E. Thomas, Xth Caribbean Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, St. Augustine, Trinidad, Jan 1983.
-E. Brown, A.D. Headley, A.M. Greenaway and K.E. Magnus, National Conference on Science and Technology, Kingston, Jamaica, April 1987.
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