I.A. Kahwa
Dean, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences

B.Sc.(Hons.), M.Sc., Dar es Salam
Ph.D., Louisiana
Professor (Inorganic)

I. Kahwa

Research Interests

We have research interest in polynuclear compounds of lanthanide(III), p- and d-block ions with potential biomedical, extractive metallurgical and catalytic applications. Their preparation, structures and luminescence spectroscopy and decay dynamics as well as electron paramagnetic resonance behavior are the main focus. Lasers ( 1J YAG and 1 mJ nitrogen and their matching dye lasers) along with a helium refrigerator, luminescence spectrometer and accompanying electronics are the major instrumentation. Ligands of interest are aromatic Schiff's bases, crown ethers, phthalamates and alkylamine dendrimers and their derivatives.

We also have interests in solid waste and environmental pollution, especially asbestos waste. Waste disposal, polluted sites, their public health effects and policy issues are of interest.

Selected Publications

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