P.T. Maragh

B.Sc. (Special), Ph.D., U.W.I.
Lecturer (Physical)

P. Maragh

Research Interests:

1. Kinetics and Reaction Mechanisms of dinuclear hydroxo-bridged transition metal complexes with dissolved SO2 and some oxoanions. We are the first group to synthesise and fully characterise an oxygen bridged sulfito complex of chromium(III).

2. Electrochemical studies on trinuclear mixed valence and mixed metal transition metal complexes in non aqueous solvents. This includes investigation of Standard Reduction Potentials and Electrode Kinetic reactions by cyclic voltammetry.

3. Kinetics and Reaction Mechanisms of the oxidation of biological reductants with trinuclear transition metal complexes.

4. Synthesis and Characterization of Transfer Hydrogenation Catalysts, used in the hydrogenation of ketones and immines.

5. Synthesis of [2,2]Paracyclophane-type derivatives of N-Heterocyclic carbenes, their transition metal complexes, and studies on their catalytic activity.

6. Analysis and quantification of acrylamide in foods; kinetics and mechanism of the formation of acrylamide and the interaction with body fluid constituents.

7. Analysis of MTBE, BTEX and other VOC.s in Jamaican Water and soil. Hydrolysis and microbial degradation studies on MTBE.

8. Catalytic studies on the dechlorination of Polychlorobiphenyls

Selected Publication

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