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Since you are accessing a site in the Caribbean, why not take a look at some ideas for lectures based on Jamaican themes such as Blue Mountain coffee, spices, or bauxite etc.

Much of the course information provided by the Department for our students is delivered by a version of the Open Source Moodle System called OURVLE. This site requires a valid UWI ID number and password. Some information was placed on the Chemistry Servers before OURVLE existed and is still accessible without ID/password but may not be current or have been updated for some time.

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A first year University course (12 lectures) on Main Group Chemistry and Coordination Chemistry. Updated for January 2015.

2010 notes from a second year course (15 lectures) on First Row Transition Metal Chemistry - CHEM2101 (C21J).

Prof. Dasgupta's lecture notes for C21J (2005) are available below. These can be accessed from computers on the UWIMONA domain only.
An Introduction to Transition Metal Organometallic Chemistry
An Introduction to Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms

2010 Notes for the Halogen and Organometallic lectures section of the course CHEM3101 can be found here.

The interpretation of electronic spectra of high spin first row transition metal and the problems of using Tanabe-Sugano diagrams as well as how information from the spectra of some tetrahedral cobalt(II) complexes can be used to help interpret their magnetic properties are part of the second year laboratory course, CHEM2111.

A JSmol display of linkage isomerism and coordination of the carbonate ligand.





Applied and Food Chemistry


The starting point for everything to do with Applied and Food Chemistry is here.

General Chemistry

Chemistry in our Daily Lives a course for those seeking to discover more about the Chemistry seen around them (3 Credits - can NOT be used as an elective for Chemistry Majors except those with Education).
Something that might be of interest as well is the top 50 chemicals produced in the USA.
A number of items of interest relating to Food Chemistry are covered in the section on Jamaican Themes for Lecture Material.

A sensitive map showing a flavour wheel has been created to show examples of each of the major flavour types.
The chemistry of dyes, in particular those used as food additives, makes interesting reading material!.

Booklist for courses

The 2014 booklist is available as an Abode Acrobat PDF file.

Chemistry / Biochemistry Material

In a collaborative effort with staff in the Department of Biochemistry, we have produced some pages on logarithms and their use in pH calculations.

Tutorial Papers

A number of tutorial papers for courses are available for download and some answers have been posted as well.

Laboratory Manuals

The laboratory manuals for some courses are available.

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