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Introduction to Theory
The recommended method for viewing these spectra, is to use CHIME logo a 32-bit plug-in for Netscape or Internet Explorer from Molecular Design Limited, Information Systems, Inc. (MDL). This includes our code for displaying JCAMP-DX files.

So, first install CHIME version 2.6 and then any of the spectra below can be displayed in your browser window. You can create your own pages by simply running a spectrum, exporting the data file as a JCAMP-DX file, then use the embed statement to load the file from your web page. A new tag has been added to allow spectra to be initially displayed from high to low PPM rather than having to load and then use the menu option.
An example might be <embed src=pyridine.jdx jcamp_revplot=true width=65% height=65% >

The JCAMP-DX working group on an EMR protocol, held its first meeting in Aberdeen, Scotland in 2002. It is hoped that a draft of the new specifications will be available by the beginning of March 2003.

The following files are simulations of EPR spectra for various Cobalt(II) Schiff-bases, showing the changes in spectrum from four-coordinate, five-coordinate Co(II) to the adduct with dioxygen.

For further details, see the Laboratory Experiment C31L Expt 2.

Cosalen doped in Znsalen

Another simulation, from some work on the vanadium VO2+ component of the Sacred Mushroom, (Amanita muscaria) is available as well.
An example of a spectrum containing Silver(II) can be found here.
A file contributed by Dr John Maher (Bristol University) has been converted to JCAMP-DX and shows a Copper(II) complex.

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