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The recommended method for viewing these chromatograms, is to use CHIME logo a 32-bit plug-in for Netscape or Internet Explorer from Molecular Design Limited, Information Systems, Inc. (MDL). This includes our code for displaying JCAMP-DX files.

We will no longer be offering the NPJDX.DLL plugin or 32-bit application JCAMPVW.EXE from the web site here, but will instead be involved in upgrades to the CHIME plugin.
A condition of our contract is that a free version for student and academic use will always be available from MDL.

So, first install CHIME and then any of the files below can be displayed in your browser window. You can create your own pages by simply running a chromatogram, exporting the data file as a JCAMP-DX file, then use the embed statement to load the file from your web page.

Our HP 5890 machine with headspace analyser was installed on the 24th Nov, 1995. Our first attempt at running samples was as part of the training sessions and conditions were NOT optimised. The output from the datastation via the TABULATE command produces columns of numbers that were converted to JCAMP, using a simple program.
The conditions used for collecting the following samples were: Headspace oven 60C (20 minutes), transfer line 100C, GC oven was set for a 20 minute isothermal run at 120C and the FID detector was set at 250C. The capillary column used was an HP-5 (crosslinked phenylmethyl silicone - 30m * 0.32mm * 0.25um film).
Headspace analysis was done on the following:

more to come....
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