C 31L The Inorganic Chemistry of Biological Systems

C 31L Laboratory Experiments - An Introduction

The course involves not only an introduction to metal ions in biological systems but an introduction to macrocyclic chemistry as well.
The experiments in this manual include:
  1. Investigation of Copper(II) amino acid complexes.
  2. Dioxygen Uptake by Co(salen).
  3. Cobaloximes - Models for Vitamin B12.
  4. Preparation of a Nickel(II) tetraazamacrocyclic complex.
  5. Interaction of Pyrophosphate with Metal ions.

These experiments are distributed online as a service to our students and staff. They are designed only for use in our laboratories, under an appropriate level of supervision by qualified chemistry staff. Appropriate safety training and proper disposal of chemical waste is assumed. Other users of the information posted on this site assume all responsibility.

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