C21J Tutorial Papers

Aspects of Crystal Field Theory

i) t2g1, t2g6 eg3, t2g6 eg2, t2g3 eg2, t2g4 eg2, t2g3, t2g3, t2g3 eg1, t2g4 eg2, t2g5 eg2.

ii) e1, e4 t25, e4 t24, e2 t23, e3 t23, e2 t21, e2 t21, e2 t22, e3 t23, e4 t23.
Cu(II) d9 oct -3/5 Δ(oct) tet -2/5 Δ(tet); Fe(III) d5 oct 0 tet 0
Co(II) d7 oct -4/5 Δ(oct) tet -6/5 Δ(tet); Co(III) d6 oct -2/5 Δ(oct) tet -3/5 Δ(tet)
Cr(III) d3 oct -6/5 Δ(oct)-4/5 tet Δ(tet); Mn(III) d4 oct -3/5 Δ(oct) tet -2/5 Δ(tet)

Russell-Saunders and Spectroscopy and Magnetism

Descriptive Chemistry of the First Row TM ions and complexes

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