Tanabe-Sugano diagrams via Java applets

A number of applets were developed to aid in spectral interpretation, they were originally compiled with the JDK vs 1.5 for Windows and should work with recent versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox etc.

The applets

Both the spin-allowed and low-lying spin-forbidden transition energies are calculated and displayed.

More recently Java security issues meant that these applets would not run properly from our web pages unless exceptions to the site were added to the Java control panel for each user. An alternative approach was to rewrite the code into JavaScript/HTML5. This enables the display of the TS diagrams on tablets, smartphones, etc. The conversions were done using swingjs code from Prof Bob Hanson and are in beta mode at present.

The JavaScript/HTML5 TS displays for d2, d3, d7 and d8 are now available.

General Procedure

A spectroscopy exercise, based on the spectra of some simple Cr(III) complexes, has been developed that uses both JSpecView and Jmol (now merged as JSmol) and the TS d3 applet. This can be further developed for other Cr(III) examples where needed.

Otherwise, see the more general instructions for additional information.

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