d6 low spin Tanabe-Sugano diagram
A Tanabe-Sugano diagram of some spin-allowed and forbidden transitions for low spin octahedral d6 complexes is given below.
spin-allowed transitions
1T2g(I) ← 1A1g Blue
1T1g(I) ← 1A1g Red
spin-forbidden transitions
dotted lines
5Eg (D) ← 1A1g Copper
3T2g(F) ← 1A1g purple
3T1g(H) ← 1A1g Lt green
3T2g(H) ← 1A1g Grey
3T1g(H) ← 1A1g Brown
5T2g(D) ← 1A1g Teal

Select the region of interest (usually between 20-40 Δ /B) then click on the curve to get values. See the instructions for more information.

For the d6 low spin case, the ground term is 1A1g which is plotted along the X-axis. The first spin-allowed transition is to the 1T1g level which is the red line. The second spin-allowed transition is to the 1T2g level (drawn in blue) and the remaining spin allowed transitions are very high in energy, so ignored.

The low-energy spin-forbidden transitions arising from the 5D, 3H and 3F terms are shown as well (teal, orange, gray, light green, copper and purple).

If the lowest spin-allowed energy Peak 1 is at cm-1 and the ratio of the energies (ν2/ν1) is then
to find where this ratio falls on the Tanabe-Sugano diagram and get the predicted value of B' and the energy of the transitions.
Initial output is:

From this a JCAMP-DX file can be created suitable for plotting with MDL CHIME

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