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The Cedric Hassall Scholarship

Prof Hassall in lab
The Cedric Hassall Prize was awarded in the past to a student in Chemistry who in the opinion of the Examiners, has shown the best performance in the Examinations associated with the first year of Advanced Chemistry Courses. The prize was recently upgraded to a Scholarship to be awarded to a final year student who is currently majoring in Chemistry and satisfies the above criteria.

The prize/scholarship is named in honour of Professor Cedric Hassall, the first Professor of Chemistry at the University and is intended to foster and encourage students to achieve standards of excellence which Professor Hassall insisted should be the hallmark of students pursuing courses in Chemistry. The prize/scholarship was established largely through the instrumentality of Professor Gerald Lalor during his tenure as Head of Deartment, and was first awarded in 1971.

List of Hassall Awardees 1971 Patrick Duncan 2000 Keisha Lambert
1972 Joy Bateman 2001 Trudy Ann Jackson
1973 Ferdinand Young 2002 Nicola Brown
1974 Colleen Chin 2003 Ainka Brown
1975 Keith Pascoe 2004 Richard Hanson
1976 Ann Marie Talbot 2005 Kenisha Johnson
1978 Maxine Lannaman 2006 Mark Lawrence
1980 Ray Johnson 2007 Halie Dennis
1980 Margarett Grell 2008 Saddi Gilbert
1981 Rosemarie Bowen 2009 Orain Brown
1983 Leroy Hayman    
1984 Paul Maragh    
1984 Sharol Noble    
1985 Carol Elrington    
1986 Richard Isaacs    
1987 Karlene Vassell    
1988 Sandra Baugh    
1989 David Rose    
1990 Jose Jackson    
1991 Sunita Sujanani    
1992 Sarah Ann Young    
1993 Geneive Henry    
1994 Sharon Daleon    
1995 Richard Forrester    
1996 Allison Gajadhar    
1997 Dwight Collins    
1998 Dwight Ramdon    
1999 Jerome Foster    

The L.J. Haynes Award

Professor Leonard J. Haynes joined the staff of the Chemistry Department, UCWI in 1956. A Natural Products Chemist, he was instrumental in the launching of the Mona Symposium on Natural Products, in 1966.
He served the Department as Professor, carrying out research and lecturing in Organic Chemistry and was the second Head of Department, leaving in 1968. Professor Haynes' contribution to the University was particularly significant.
The award, named in his honour, is presented to the student with the best academic performance in the Introductory Level Chemistry courses, C 10J, C 10K and is proceeding to Part II courses in Chemistry.
In 2006, the award was presented to Haile Dennis.

The Garfield Sadler Award

Garfield Sadler, graduated from the Department of Chemistry with a Special Degree in Chemistry in 1980. He continued in the Department pursuing a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry, under the supervision of Professor Tara Dasgupta. Garfield demonstrated excellence in the study of Reaction Mechanisms and three years later graduated with a PhD.
In 1983, Dr Sadler joined the staff of the Department as a Lecturer of Inorganic Chemistry. this marked the start of a vibrant career in teaching and research. His contribution however to the development of Chemistry was very short lived as he died tragically in 1991.
The Garfield Sadler Award, which is a tribute to the life and work of Garfield Sadler, is made to the student with the best academic performance in eight(8) credits of the following Part II courses of the Undergraduate Chemistry Degree Programme; C 21J, C 31J, C 23J, C 33J.
In 2006, the award was presented to Daynea Wallock.

Other Prizes and Awards

At the Faculty Awards ceremony in March 2006 the following students were presented for awards:

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