Macrocyclic/Bio-Inorganic Chemistry Tutorial#1

1.	Discuss the preparation and bonding of metal porphyrins

2.	The stability of metal octaethylporphyrin complexes in acid shows 
good correlation with The Stability Index. Outline the various 
classes of stability and how this index has been useful in predicting 
the stability of metal porphyrins.

3.	A number of methods have been used to prevent the irreversible 
oxidation of iron(II) porphyrins. Discuss how different ligand types have 
been developed to meet this problem.

4.	Naturally occurring porphyrin complexes are thought to have been 
the precusor of vanadium and nickel porphyrins found in oil shales. 
Briefly discuss how chlorphyll might be converted to 
deoxophylloerythroetioporphyrin (DPEP).

5.	Discuss the preparation of tetraazamacrocycles from 
Ni(diamines)2+ and aldehydes and ketones.

6.	Distinguish between the Chelate Effect and the Macrocyclic Effect.

7.	Discuss the effect of binding sites and ring size on the 
coordination chemistry of macrocycles.
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