C 06K- Inorganic Tutorial paper

1) What properties distinguish metals from non-metals?
2) What are the distinguishing properties of the first row transition metal elements?
3) What is the purpose of adding CaO in the BOS process?
4) Write the electronic configuration of the following transition metal ions:
	a) V2+	b) Cr2+	  c) Mn2+   d) Fe2+
	e) Ni+	f) Cu2+
5) Determine both the coordination number and oxidation state of the transition metal ion in each of the following complexes:
	a) Co(SCN)4 2-					b) [Co(NH3)3(H2O)3]3+
	c) K[Cr(C2O4)2(H2O)2].3H2O			d) K4[Fe(CN)6]
	e) CuF4 2-					f) Cr(CO)6
6) Draw the structures of the chromate and dichromate ion.
How are they interconverted in aqueous solution?
7) Show the different reactions that occur when KMnO4 is used as an oxidant in basic or acidic solutions.
8) Show why [Fe(H2O)6]3+ can NOT exist in neutral aqueous solution. What species do you expect to find at pH 7?
9) If Ag+ precipitates 3 Cl-s from an aqueous solution of CoCl3.6NH3 but only 1 Cl- from CoCl3.4NH3, propose structures for the species present in solution.
Draw them.
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