CHEM1902 Main Group Chemistry
Tutorial 4 - 2015
Prof Robert J. Lancashire

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following statements is correct with regard to the reaction:
HNO3 + HF ⇄ H2NO3+ + F-
a) HNO3 acts as a Lewis acid
b) HNO3 acts as an oxidising agent
c) HF acts as a Lewis acid
d) HF acts as a Lewis base

Short Answer Questions

  1. Using suitable diagrams describe the difference between the following terms:
    i) hexagonal close packing (hcp) and cubic close packing (ccp).
    ii) octahedral holes and tetrahedral holes in close-packed structures.

  2. Why should white phosphorus (MP 44 °C) be less stable than red phosphorus (MP 590 °C) ?

  3. What do the structures of black phosphorus and graphite have in common? Use diagrams to illustrate.

  4. Sketch the structures of 3 allotropes of sulfur

  5. Write balanced equations for the reaction between water and each of the following and state whether the resulting solution is acidic or basic.
    i) K2O ii) SO3 iii) NH3

  6. Describe the structure of water and ice. Account for the differences between the two.

  7. Explain the relation between the fact that water expands on freezing, and the fact it has a much higher BP that all other group 16 hydrides.

  8. Outline the differences and similarities between the various concepts used to define acids and bases.

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