CAPE workshop on spectroscopy and chromatography
Some Instruments at Mona

The IR Lab
IR assignments
IR interpretation of dichloroethylenes,
C6 species like hexane and cyclohexanol
as well as dichloro-anilines

MS of dodecane CH3(CH2)10CH3
GC/MS of coffee

Chemistry UWI, Mona Web Site
light and prism column chromatography paper chromatography

Although not covered in the exercises today, the following H NMR predictor makes great use of "cloud" resources and takes as input the NAME of any organic compound.

Software shown is OPEN SOURCE and freely available at JSmol the HTML5/Javascript version of the Java applications, Jmol and JSpecView

Prof. R.J. Lancashire, Department of Chemistry
UWI, Mona Campus, Kingston 7, JAMAICA

This presentation is available from the legacy Chemistry Department UWI Mona web site

Opening from 2016