info spectrum clear (note that OH and NH hydrogens will not be shown)

This page illustrates how we can use JSME (the JavaScript Molecular Editor)
along with JSpecView to quickly get a simulated spectrum for a compound of our choice.
Note that the three applets can be combined easily in any combination.

JSmol on this page calls servers in Frederick, Maryland (NIH resolver, for name-to-structure)
and Lausanne, Switzerland (nmrdb, for structure-to-spectrum)

Draw a chemical structure
or search for a chemical identifier such as caffeine
then press .

Note that these spectra are calculated i.e. predictions.
They may differ significantly from actual NMR spectra.
credits: This page is a mirror of the page at St Olaf. JSmol and page development: Bob Hanson JSME: Peter Ertl, Bruno Bienfait JSpecView: Robert Lancashire, Bob Hanson nmrdb: Luc Patiny NIH Resolver: Markus Sitzmann Java2Script: Zhou Renjian
Last modified 23rd May 2016