C 33J Thermodynamics Lecture Notes

I Conservation of energy: the First Law 2
II Spontaneous processes: the Second Law and entropy 6
II.1 Entropy 6
II.2 Further consequences of the Second Law. Free energy 16
II.3 Miscellaneous results. Mathematical aspects of Thermodynamics 19
III Phase equilibria of a pure substance 21
IV Thermodynamics of open systems 27
IV.1 Homogeneous one-component system 27
IV.2 Homogeneous mixtures 28
IV.3 General properties of the mi 31
V Heterogeneous mixtures: The Phase Rule 33
VI Chemical reactions and equilibrium 35
VII Mixtures of perfect gases 37
VII.1 Thermodynamics of mixing. Chemical potentials 37
VII.2 Chemical equilibrium in gas mixtures 40
VIII Liquid mixtures 43
VIII.1 Ideal solutions 43
VIII.1.1 Raoult's law. p-x and T-x diagrams 43
VIII.1.2 Thermodynamic properties of ideal solutions 46
VIII.2 Non-ideal solutions 47
VIII.2.1 Phase diagrams. Activity 47
VIII.2.2 Incomplete miscibility 50
IX Dilute solutions 53
IX.1 Chemical potentials 53
IX.2 Colligative properties 54
IX.3 Chemical equilibrium in dilute solutions. Solubility. Activity 58

The full set of notes is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

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