CHEM1902 Inorganic Chemistry.
(An Introductory course at UWI, Mona, JAMAICA)
by Prof. R.J. Lancashire

On-line Course Information

OurVLE (

For access to OurVLE you need to be a properly registered student at UWI, Mona and have a current password. For those familiar with the campus Virtual Learning Environment, login and then look for CHEM1902.

A quiz is available for testing electronic configurations which you should do within the first week and come prepared for the first tutorial (starting 27th January 2015) with the answers. A link to all the coordination chemistry material is provided from OurVLE to the Chemistry WebSite.

Chemistry WebSite (

The Chemistry Website is the oldest in the Caribbean and one of the original aims was to provide supplementary lecture material. Material on the site is Open for all users worldwide and it receives around 2000 visitors per day. The module on Coordination Chemistry is therefore available without a password and the starting point is Note that the site is "wwwchem" not "www.chem"

Chemistry Mirror of the Website (

This may contain additional material designed specifically for UWI, Mona students and so is not accessable off-campus.

UWI-Mona website (

This has a link to the CHEM1902 coordination chemistry material as well.

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