1,1,1- and 1,1,2-trifluoroethane (C2H3F3)
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(IR)1,1,2-F2HC-CH2F --- (R) 1,1,2-F2HC-CH2F --- overlay the two --- split overlay
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list of Character Tables

Character table for Cs point group
E σh linear,
A' 1 1 x, y, Rz x2, y2, z2, xy
A'' 1 -1 z, Rx, Ry yz, xz
Character table for C3v point group
E 2C3 (z) v linear,
A1 1 1 1 z x2+y2, z2
A2 1 1 -1 Rz
E 2 -1 0 (x, y) (Rx, Ry) (x2-y2,xy)(xz,yz)

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The spectra were simulated using the WebMO interface to Gaussian. IR and Raman spectra were exported as uncompressed JCAMP-DX files and on-line computing times were less than 30 seconds for each isomer.

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