dichloroethylene isomers
A number of interpreted spectra are available for interactive Jmol/JSpecView display
(IR) (Z) cis-C2H2Cl2 --- (R) (Z) cis-C2H2Cl2 --- overlay the two --- split overlay
(IR)(E) trans-C2H2Cl2 --- (R) (E) trans-C2H2Cl2 --- overlay the two --- split overlay
(IR) 1,1-C2H2Cl2 --- (R) 1,1-C2H2Cl2 --- overlay the two --- split overlay
cis/trans overlay IR --- split overlay --- overlay Raman --- split overlay

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The IR and Raman spectra were all simulated at WebMO.net using Gaussian. Calculations generally took under 30 seconds of processing time so easily fit into the allowed maximum limit. The line widths were set to 20 cm-1 and data exported as JCAMP-DX files in X,Y simple format. These were then converted to DIFDUP compression form using JSpecView.

Jmol was used to read the downloaded "tar" and generate the XYZVib files.

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