Demonstration of JSpecView applet

Reverse plot Toggle Grid

Right-clicking on the spectra selecting "View" and then "Predict Solution Colour" will provide the html page
with the predicted colour of the solution.
Pressing Colour Check will show the colour to you in the three cuvettes in the middles of the screen.
The middle cuvette is the predicted colour, whereas the other two are slightly lighter (on the left)
and darker (on the right) predictions of the colour of the solution.

The checkboxes above use JavaScript functions to call the applet to reverse the plot or toggle the grid.
In addition, a callback is set such that clicking on the spectrum will produce a dialog pop-up box that displays the point that was clicked.

The "Load IR spectrum" button uses another JavaScript call to load the FTIR of N-ethylaniline.

A ZIP file of this sample page is available.