A number of interpreted spectra are available for interactive Jmol/JSpecView display
H NMR spectrum (DMSO)
H NMR spectrum (CDCl3/MeOD)
H NMR spectrum (Acetone-D6)
C NMR spectrum

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The spectra are "hot-linked" to the molecular graphic display such that selecting a peak in the IR spectrum will cause a vibrational mode animation to be loaded, or selecting a peak in the NMR spectra will cause the appropriate H or C atoms to be highlighted.
Thanks to Dr Robert Badger for the 400 MHz H NMR spectra and 100 MHz 13C NMR.
The OH proton may exchange with the solvent and this can shift its position considerably, or even hide it by broadening out the signal so it is not noticeable at all.
The first spectrum (DMSO) shows a well resolved peak around 13 ppm while the second (CDCl3/MeOD) shows a well resolved peak at 11.5 ppm. The third spectrum (Acetone-D6) shows a very broad signal at about 10.5 ppm.
You can use the Jmol menu or alternatively select an IR mode from here.
Reference: Google Docs