Choose a Chromium complex.
In the visible spectrum displayed, select the lowest energy peak then the higher energy peak and the ratio will be calculated automatically for you.
peak 1 cm-1 peak 2 cm-1. The ratio of the energies is

To find where this ratio falls on the Tanabe-Sugano diagram The predicted value of B' and the energies of the transitions will then be calculated.

B', v1, v2, v3, f1, f2, f3, f4, f5, f6, f7, f8 in cm-1
Thanks to C. Muir and D-A.P. Facey for help with the Applet and L. Muir-Green for preparing some of the Cr(III) complexes.
spin-allowed transitions
4T1g(P) <- 4A2g Green (v3)
4T1g(F) <- 4A2g Blue (v2)
4T2g(F) <- 4A2g Red (v1)
spin-forbidden transitions
2T2g(D) <- 4A2g Purple (f8)
2T1g(H) <- 4A2g Dk green (f7)
2Eg(H) <- 4A2g Copper (f6)
2T2g(H) <- 4A2g Lt green (f5)
2A1g(G) <- 4A2g Grey (f4)
2T2g(G) <- 4A2g Brown (f3)
2T1g(G) <- 4A2g Orange (f2)
2E g(G) <- 4A2g Teal (f1)

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