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(A company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital)

One of the objectives of CHEMSAF is to raise funds for growth, development and to provide scholarships etc.
One current project is the publication of a "coffee-table style" book describing the "History of the Department of Chemistry at UWI, Mona". This has been prepared by Professor Emeritus Kenneth E Magnus, one of the first graduates of the University, and Professor Robert J Lancashire, a thirty year veteran of the Department and amateur photographer/historian.

The book was published by Ian Randle Publishers Ltd and ChemSAF held the book launch at the site of the original laboratory and lecture theatre (now Founder's Park) on the 1st December 2010.

Table of Contents    
List of Figures   vi
Foreword by Roy Augier vii
Acknowledgements   xi
Prologue Edward Turner xiii
  Bertram Fraser-Reid xiv
  University Education in Jamaica before UCWI/UWI xv
  UCWI - The University College of the West Indies xv
Chapter One The Very Beginning -The Hassall days (1947-1957) 1
Chapter Two The Ackee Story 29
Chapter Three Maturing with Haynes (1957-1969) 32
Chapter Four The Mona Symposium 45
Chapter Five Heads of Department 50
Chapter Six Building as Student Numbers Increased 59
Chapter Seven Alumni 75
Epilogue Farewell Address given by Sir Thomas Taylor 95
Appendices, A,B,C,D,E 102

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