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The ChemSAF dinner on Friday night (18th July 2008) was well attended with nearly 200 braving the stormy weather.

Dr Conrad Douglas reported on past and future activities planned by ChemSAF and 4 new scholarships of J$ 60,000 were launched.

The Gerald Lalor Scholarship was awarded to Tamara Mathews, the Kenneth Magnus Scholarship was awarded to Veronica John-Luke, the Earle Roberts Scholarship was awarded to Fitzroy McPherson and the Tara Dasgupta Scholarship was awarded to Candice Edwards.

A Special Edition of the ChemSAF Newsletter was published for the function and included an article on the Historical Development of Chemistry by Professor Willem Mulder which is to be circulated to schools.

A draft of a copy of a book on the history of the Chemistry Department, written by Ken Magnus and Robert Lancashire, was handed to Professor Cedric Hassall (founding Professor and Head).
Note: ChemSAF officially launched the book on the 1st December 2010.

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